Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's one of those days.
I have a million things to do - and none of them are small things, so if I were to actually start to do one of them, I wouldn't get finished today. Incentive... meet window.
On top of that, Chili is being remarkably uncooperative. She shins down her T-stand every 10 minutes, grunting and squeaking and making me feel guilty for spending time with my computer. Having said that, it's a good thing: I feel she's getting her personality back somewhat and she's preventing me from turning my brains to mush with You-Tube and the like.

Whilst I'm having a downer on the day, there are still no sunflower seeds in Belize. The excuses are credible: the supplier ran out of supplies, the credit card payment for the supplier failed, the container is stuck, the container is here but there's no-one to unload it, manana, manana. I am promised Friday. Meanwhile, Milo is positively apoplectic, and the velociraptors have run out of unchewed arm-flesh to bite. I love this country, and ordinarily these mini-crises of sporadic availability do not bother me. The potato famine passed me by and the onion shortage was, well, short. But mess with my birds (and my gin) and I do get a little peeved. So, Friday it is.

We had a bird-chilipepper bush collapse on us yesterday (just shows how short of news I am). I pulled the entire thing into the babies' aviary then watched fascinated as half of the birds sat on the floor waiting for dropsies and windfalls. I have never seen them do that before. Is it a baby thing, or a bird-chili thing, I wonder? Could this be the subject of my long-awaited dissertation...

I promise - no more until I actually have something to say.


  1. How can there be no sunflower seeds? Can you grow sunflowers there? We use them to top dress the alfalfa pellets for the goats. What do ya'll pay for a 50 lb bag?

  2. Hi Sandy
    Supplies finally arrived on Saturday. We are attempting to grow, but they never seem to come up true to type - I think they are GM or something. It's $70Bz for 25lbs - so $70 Us for 50
    Is that a lot??

  3. Get ready to cry....We paid $14.99 for a 50 lb bag at Tractor Supply last weekend. It goes up and down with gas prices (shipping I guess?) but the most we've EVER paid is $23.99/50 lbs.
    When we get our farm set up in Cayo we'll have to figure something out about that. That'll be a while though, so I have time to plan, plus things may be different then. BOSS (black oil sunflower seeds) make a big difference in the health of our goats.