Monday, December 22, 2008

A rainy day in paradise

And with the rain comes the noise. Anyone who has been to a zoo or bird park on such a day will know what I mean. A day of screaming and squawking for all concerned; 12 parrots, 8 guinea fowl, 6 geese, 17 turkeys and around 120 assorted ducks and chickens. Yes, we are quite mad.

Yesterday I noticed great improvement in Spike - he spread his wings for a shower and almost all of the tattered shafts have disappeared - replaced by glorious new pristine growth. A dumbed-down version of Spikes' liberation can be found on This picture is of Spike a couple of days after we got him. The condition of his feathers are the result of neglect and ignorance. For 2 years he was forced to sit on the floor of a tiny cage. Above him, on the only perch, sat two other parrots. Naturally Spike took the brunt of what came from above and was unable to keep himself clean (or sane). Now, 5 months later, apart from his sporadic bursts of 'excerpts from Nickelodeon' you would almost think he was a normal red lored. We witnessed a flight attempt a week or two ago - there is still a definite downward curve, but little by little he improves. It's the simple things that keep us going. We are planning to release two of the white-fronted this week. It's the perfect time of year and they seem to be keen to be off. We shall see...

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